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Why we're here

Here at Balkoins, we believe in educating others on crypto currencies. Through honest hard work, we want to provide the best experience for our customers and make their dive into the market as seamless as possible. Each of us coming from humble backgrounds, and going through the bumpy road entering crypto currencies, we realize that there is a lot to learn, and a true lack of human-to-human interactions.

Our Team

Balkoins is a team of cryptocurrency advisors that have backgrounds in engineering, accounting, finance, marketing, and web development. Our team is composed of two certified public accountants, an IBM blockchain certified engineer, and a lifelong entrepreneur. Based in Detroit, we believe in hard work, and nothing but the best service for our customers.

Peter Shkreli

Peter Shkreli, CPA

Market Analyst

Financial consultant for Ultimate King Inc.

Dylan Liptov

Dylan Liptov

Technical Analyst

Certified Bitcoin Professional and IBM blockchain certified


Prelja Shkreli


Lifelong entrepreneur

Peter Zarovski

Peter Zarovski, CPA, CFE


Financial compliance analyst at global OEM, with Big 4 advising experience

Andrew Elezaj


Senior Consultant, Forensics & Integrity Services at big 4 consulting firm

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